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This Trademark Policy was last updated on January 02, 2009.

Tic Toc Tunes, LLC, ("TicTocTunes.com") owns the trademarks and logos (design marks) (collectively, the "TicTocTunes.com Marks") as indicated on the list of TicTocTunes.com Marks below (the "TicTocTunes.com Mark Table").

Reservation of Rights: TicTocTunes.com is the owner of all right, title, and interest in the TicTocTunes.com Marks. No person or entity may reproduce or use (or authorize the reproduction or use of) the TicTocTunes.com Marks in any manner other than expressly authorized by TicTocTunes.com. Unauthorized use of TicTocTunes.com Marks is strictly prohibited.

TicTocTunes.com may, at its sole discretion, modify the TicTocTunes.com Marks at any time. Please refer to the TicTocTunes.com Mark Table periodically to ensure your compliance. In order to assure compliance and quality of control, TicTocTunes.com may request that you provide samples of any marketing, advertising, or other material that includes the TicTocTunes.com Marks.

A trademark can be the most valuable asset a company owns. As such, it must be protected. The following are TicTocTunes.com's guidelines for using the TicTocTunes.com Marks:

Guidelines for using TicTocTunes.com Marks

Provide Notice: A word mark or logo which has not be registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO"), should bear the ™ symbol. A word mark or logo that has been registered with the USPTO should bear the ® symbol. These symbols provide notice that TicToctunes.com is asserting trademark in the particular word mark or logo.

Word marks must bear the proper trademark notice symbols (® or ™), in the first and most prominent usage of the mark and again in the first appearance in the body of copy. Notice symbols should always appear with all TicTocTunes.com logos. Wherever possible, trademark notice symbols should be superscripted after both word marks and logos. Once the TicTocTunes.com Mark is correctly attributed on a document or web page, it is not ordinarily necessary to mark subsequent appearances of the trademark in the piece.

Always use TicTocTunes.com Marks as proper adjectives: A trademark is an adjective and should not be used as a verb or noun or in the possessive or plural forms. Every TicTocTunes.com Mark has a "product descriptor" (i.e. a noun) that follows the trademark.

Example: TicTocTunes.com™ software

Do not alter TicTocTunes.com Marks or TicTocTunes.com logos: When using a TicTocTunes.com Mark, never vary the spelling, add hyphens, make one word two, or use a possessive or plural form of the TicTocTunes.com Mark. When using a logo provided by TicTocTunes.com, never modify the design, add or delete any words, change any colors or proportions. Only the logo art provided by TicTocTunes.com should be used. Other than resizing and replacing the trademark notification, a logo may not be modified in any manner.

Do not abbreviate a TicTocTunes.com Mark to create an acronym

Example of incorrect use: TTT.com instead of TicTocTunes.com, TicTocTunes.com™

The TicTocTunes.com logo: The TicTocTunes.com logo must be used as a stand-alone icon to connote origination of TicTocTunes.com, without other logos and trademarks associated with it.

Only TicTocTunes.com products and services may be used in conjunction with a TicTocTunes.com logo.

TicTocTunes.com product name: No third party logo or mark may be used in conjunction with the TicTocTunes.com Marks for TicTocTunes.com product names except to connote that TicTocTunes.com technology is included with another product or mark. In other words, do not combine the TicTocTunes.com Marks with third party trademarks with out the consent of TicTocTunes.com.

The TicTocTunes.com Marks may not be used as part of the product name for any third party product. Whenever an TicTocTunes.com Mark appears with another company trademark or logo, the TicTocTunes.com Mark must be at least as large as the trademark or logo of the other company.

In documents produced by TicTocTunes.com, properly mark in highest-level headlines and first occurrence in the body of the copy with an ® or ™ all trademarks of any company whose products are cited. In the footnote list both companies' trademarks. Never use third-party logos without written permission from their owners and approval by the TicTocTunes.com Marketing Department.

Product Packaging: Special attention should be devoted to the correct use of TicTocTunes.com Marks on product packaging. Any TicTocTunes.com Mark that is displayed on packaging should be attributed with the appropriate trademark symbol (refer to the TicTocTunes.com Mark Table) the first time it appears on each side of the package. Any TicTocTunes.com logo that is displayed on packaging should be attributed with the appropriate trademark symbol each time it appears on the package. An attribution footnote, which is most commonly combined with copyright and patent information, should reference each TicTocTunes.com Marks that appears on the packaging. Ordinarily, this footnote appears on the back of the packaging.

Power Point and Other Presentations: TicTocTunes.com Marks, should always be attributed with the proper symbol and footnoted on all presentations that are displayed to the public (sales, trade shows etc). If a presentation is used internally, the TicTocTunes.com Marks should be attributed but need not be footnoted.

Third Party Licensors: Some TicTocTunes.com products include technology used under license from third party licensors. You may not use any such third party trademark without express permission from the owner.

Using footnotes for correct attribution: It is TicTocTunes.com's policy to attribute TicTocTunes.com Mark use by placing the information in a footnote as follows:

Example: "_____ is a trademark (or a registered trademark) of TicTocTunes.com"

The blank space should be a list of all TicTocTunes.com Marks and TicTocTunes.com logos that appear in that particular piece. Footnotes should always be complete sentences, and ordinarily appear on the copyright page, on the last page of the material, or on packaging.

Examples: "TicTocTunes.com is a trademark of Tic Toc Tunes.com." or "The TicTocTunes.com Logo is a trademark of Tic Toc Tunes.com."

TicTocTunes.com Mark Table: Listed below are the current TicTocTunes.com Marks that reflect the current registration status. This list will be updated from time to time, at the sole discretion of TicTocTunes.com.

TicTocTunes.com ™

Tic Toc Tunes ™

The Right Music. Right On Time! ™

The Right Tunes. Right On Time! ™

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