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Quick Facts
  • Name:  Jay Kinkade
  • Born:  1964
  • Place:  San Francisco, CA
  • Lives:  Atlanta, GA
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Biographical Sketch

Introducing songwriter Jay M. Kinkade III. He was born in San Francisco, California, in March of 1964, then transplanted in 1970 to Atlanta, Georgia. He has always been an independent soul with a strong imagination and a creative nature. At thirteen he picked up his first guitar and so began his dream of becoming a professional songwriter.

After high school, Jay started to focus on his goal with more serious effort. He began to take guitar lessons. He harnessed his creativity, applied his talents to crafting lyric and practiced singing his songs. He started playing with other local musicians and performing various singer-songwriter type gigs.

With material piling up, he saw the need to compile his work under a common, recognizable umbrella, thus was born Tic Toc Tunes Music Publishing. In the Spring of 1994, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee. He started to reshape and sharpen his earlier material. This new environment feed his creative engine and he wrote many new songs.

Jay concentrated his efforts on recording, playing local singer-songwriter venues, networking and promoting his new company to the Nashville music industry. After three years with no real break, he decided to take a step back, evaluate his goals. Another move was on the horizon, just before his 33rd birthday, he left Nashville, destination Daytona Beach, Florida.

After several months of sun and the surf, and now relaxed, his creative energy was beginning to flow. However, now it was turned towards teaching himself computer programing. His song writing had taken a back seat, for the moment. Unbeknown to Jay these skills would prove very useful in the future.

Four years later, Jay found himself back in Atlanta, Georgia. His dream of a career in the music business was reawakened. He began to master his debut CD (From Catalogue) from working recordings, he created over the years. Furthermore, with the popularity of the Internet, he saw an opportunity to use his new found skills and this new medium to promote his art. He set out to move Tic Toc Tunes into the digital domain and capture his dream of becoming a popular songwriter!

Jay Kinkade - Bio
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