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Jay Kinkade - From Catalogue

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Jay Kinkade - From Catalogue

Postby dj2groove » Tue Jan 05, 2010 23:50

I have downloaded all of the songs from "From Catalogue" in the Tic Toc Tunes store, and it would be really cool to see these recordings on vinyl records one day. Even with the tape hiss included. I have mentioned in a previous thread that I really enjoy Lo-fi home recordings.


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Re: Jay Kinkade - From Catalogue

Postby ahh OM » Wed Jan 06, 2010 21:52

Hey thanks for taking the time to listen to all the tracks on the demo :D I know the "tape hiss" is really bad. I recorded all the songs basically in my bedroom on a Fostex X16 cassette 4 track. What is that? Like 1/32th of an inch of chromium oxide per track, it's not much! A good piece of vinyl would have been much cleaner. What really needs to be done is the songs need to be rerecorded in a digital studio. For now I give you the High Five for loving the Lo-Fi :lol:
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