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Chandi Girl
Jay M. Kinkade III

Hello people, my name is Ray
I'm here to play a song for you today
It tells the story of a little girl
Whose running my heart 'round in circles

Whoa, now baby, what do I hav'ta do
I got a good love thing for you, come with me

Whoa, now baby, why ya be that way
Whoa, now baby, why won't you behave
I've been chasing you all over town
Still you refuse to slow down

Whoa, now baby, what's the matter with you
If your looking for a winner, then you can't lose

I wan'ta make your heart pound and sing
I wan'ta do for you everything
Whoa, now baby, won't you let me love you
Can't you see I'd do anything for you

Whoa, now baby, I know your scared
Come with me and I'll ease your fears

I know you felt trapped once before
I've seen bad love at my door
We could leave all that far behind
Don't let this good love slip on by us

'Cause I've been hangin' 'round
To get attention from you
But if you won't give it to me
I'll have to be blue

Oh blue
Oh blue
So blue
Oh blue

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